I was born in 1969 with an Algerian father and a Belgian mother. I grew up at the Belgian coast with the beach as my playground. My studies and my family brought me to Brussels and Leuven, but my attraction for the sea remains strong.

I’ve been taking pictures since the age of 14. The rising of digital not only changed the way I store my pictures, but it made access to photography much easier. For the last 30 years I take my buddy (camera) with me, on every trip.

Guenar Photographs | Your home (office). Reimagined.
Guenar Photographs | Your home (office). Reimagined.


When I visit friends and family I see lots of empty walls, even at my home. And everybody agrees: “something” should be on that wall.

And when friends asked me to help them to decorate their home with my photographs, then I decided to create this website to show my work and advise people with decoration.

If you are looking to decorate your wall and to prepare yourself to welcome again guests and friends at home, I can help you.

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